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Journals ePublishing

Almost 80% of the global population and 27% of scientists live in developing countries. But woefully only 3% of publications come from developing countries. Our aim is to improve the quality of publications produced in Low-Middle Income Countries (LMIC) and enhance their visibility in main stream knowledge dissemination channels.

Our team embraces scientists who are from or worked in MLIC and understand the difficulties of academic publishing and responsive and creative software professionals to tackle your needs.


Avicenna Journals e-publishing services facilitate, co-ordinate and assist you in journal publishing from manuscript submission to online publication. Open Journal Systems (OJS) and hosting services make journal production much less time-consuming, especially if you’ve been relying on manual labor to date. OJS helps with the call for papers, the peer review process, the publication of each issue, etc


We work in partnership with academic, professional and research organizations and associations in LMIC to increase their research results visibility and impact. Currently, we offer services ONLY to Scholarly Societies and academic institutions who follow Open Access policy. Avicenna provide journal hosting and publishing services to journals managed by academic, professional or research organizations and associations. Our dedication to build strong relationships and personal “one-to-one” service with our partners and clients is the key element to fulfilling our ultimate mission.


Avicenna ePublishing services include comprehensive and affordable online publishing solutions using Open Journal Systems (OJS) that provide the following services:

o   Journal hosting: Hosting, Installation and Setup, Configuration, Backup and Updates

o   Journal Publishing: From manuscript submission to online publication

o   Journal Migration: Elegant and responsive website while you preserve full control of journal management functions.