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District Health Information System – DHIS 2

Avicenna Information and Communication Technology (ICT) solutions are to support better health and development and improve equity. Health systems in Middle and Low Income Countries (MLIC) face major challenges related to:

-          Inequity between rural & urban, urban & “sub-urban” and different socioeconomic classes.

-          Although “Equity” is the main target of health systems, there are limited capacities to measure if targets are achieved or not?

-          Weak Data Analytics capabilities and Decision Support Systems (DSS).

-          Need for standard data from across the country on Health status & Health services provision.

-          No coordinated data system – no standards and fragmented information systems


Avicenna advocates and promotes the use of DHIS 2 as an Open Source Software (OSS) for reporting, analysis and dissemination of health data and tracking individuals. DHIS 2 provides overwhelming visualization features for presentation of health data including GIS, charts and pivot tables. These solutions enhance health systems to move from fragmentation to integration; and from central control to local empowerment by means of a data warehouse that integrates all sub-systems, services and programs consequently supporting local and district health management and services delivery to improve equity and quality.

The Integrated Health Information System may typically be used for:  

1)      Data management and analysis purposes;

2)      Health program monitoring and evaluation;

3)      Facility registries and service availability mapping;

4)      Logistics management; and

5)      Mobile tracking of individual subjects in communities.